[MV] MC MONG(MC몽) _ MISS ME OR DISS ME(내가 그리웠니) (Feat. Jinsil(진실) of Mad soul child)

Length: 3:37

Published Aug 19, 2016 There are feelings of longing and anger left after a lover leaves without saying anything. The album shows his feelings in between the lines, and he wants to talk to the people who have been quietly waiting for him through music, the only outlet he has since he was cut off from the world.

The title song ‘MiSS ME OR DISS ME?’ is a question and answer that he throws to himself. He gave up everything and lived a life disconnected from the world. Now he is overcoming the difficulties with courage. He compares his life to a flower, where it can’t be owned because it’s beautiful and can’t be thrown away because it has withered. It shows his hurt feelings.

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