[MV] 어반자카파(Urban Zakapa) _ 널 사랑하지 않아(I Don't Love You)

Length: 4:16

Published Aug 12, 2016 The group famous for sentimental music, URBAN ZAKAPA is coming back after a year with the mini album ‘STILL’.
‘STILL’ is their first mini album after they moved to Makeus entertainment. This album is full of tracks that show their style. All three members of the group are sing-a-song writers who are talented in composing and lyric writing. In this album they each worked on their own song and decided on which song to be included, in accordance with the album’s style. Yet, their style is not too different this time as well. But since it is their first new album after they moved to a new home, they worked very hard to show their only music and color.

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